Two new postdocs

We are delighted to welcome Kevin Eislmayr and Stefan Fattinger as two new postdoctoral fellows to the lab.

Stefan is from Switzerland where he conducted his PhD on Salmonella, jointly mentored by Wolf-Dietrich Hardt (at ETH Z├╝rich) and Mikael Sellin (at Uppsala, Sweden). As a graduate student Stefan published papers demonstrating the role of TNF in intestinal tissue destruction and the mechanism of Salmonella entry into gut epithelial cells in vivo. Stefan will be leaving the gut and will focus on M. tuberculosis lung infections during his postdoc.

Kevin is from Austria where he conducted his PhD with Pavel Kovarik at the University of Vienna. Kevin’s PhD concerned the surprising non-redundancy of IL-1 alpha and IL-1 beta. In contrast to Stefan, Kevin will be moving his interests into the gut, and will be studying Shigella pathogenesis in our new in vivo model.

With the recent departure of Mortiz Gaidt for greener pastures, we delighted to have now replenished our supply of native German speakers. Wecome to Berkeley, Kevin and Stefan!

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