Welcome to Marian and Brenna

The Vance Lab is delighted to welcome two new graduate students to the lab, Marian Fairgrieve and Brenna Remick.

Marian is from Seattle, WA and attended the University of Washington. As an undergrad, she studied developmental physiology at NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center under Dr. Adam Luckenbach. Marian then joined the world of immunology as a researcher in the lab of Dr. Michael Gale. She’s very excited to continue working on innate immunology at UC Berkeley! When not in lab, Marian is somewhere in the great outdoors!

Brenna is from New Jersey and attended Cornell University, where she did cancer research in the lab of Dr. Robert Weiss. She’s excited to try her hand at studying host-pathogen interactions. When not in lab, Brenna enjoys running, board games, and trying new food.