Our first paper on Mycobacterium tuberculosis

We recently posted our first paper on Mycobacterium tuberculosis on Biorxiv. This was a big step for the lab, as I have been talking about getting into TB research for years, but with little to show for all the talk! Credit is due to many, first and foremost, to Daisy Ji, who bravely took on TB relatively late in her PhD, and who worked incredibly hard to pull it off. Nothing would have happened if it were not for a sabbatical visit to the lab from Heran Darwin who not only trained us but inspired us to believe that it really was possible to make progress on this difficult pathogen! Our TB colleagues at Berkeley, including Sarah Stanley and Jeff Cox and the members of their labs, were essential in helping us navigate all the complexities of working with a BSL3 pathogen. The Sst1S mice were originally produced and characterized through the heroic efforts of our collaborator, Igor Kramnik. It has been great to get to know the wider TB community and we are looking forward to feedback on this work and our continuing efforts on TB.