Kickball playoffs: Summer 2018

July 6, 2018 — Kick-in-a-box, a rag-tag group (comprised of Vance and Barton Lab members, other immunologists past and present, and other hangers-on) fought a tense semi-final kickball battle against The Unicorns before eventually succumbing 3-2 in extra innings.  Especially notable was the two RKIs (runs kicked-in) by Daisy Ji, as well as the large number of international free-agents on the team, who demonstrated their mastery of the finer points of force plays, base-running, and kicking the ball on the ground. Congrats to all! What a relief to be able to enjoy a beer in the stands and watch the Finals (eventually won in impressive fashion by Stray Kats)

Kick-in-a-box after the semi-final

Back row (from L to R): Russell, Benjamin, Daisy, Klemens, Bella, Moritz and Kathleen

Front row (from L to R): Andrew, Lívia, Lieselotte, Natalie, Patrick, Molly and Gustavo