Annual Barton-Vance Picnic and Bocce Tourney Ends with Sugar Daddies Victory

The 11th annual joint Barton Lab-Vance Lab picnic and bocce tournament was held at Lake Temescal today in winter-like conditions. The weather proved no impediment to the eventual tourney victors, The Sugar Daddies (Greg and Russell), who emerged victorious despite some especially valiant competition from Team Enthusiasm (Kathleen and Beth) in the finals. (Updated 6-13-18 to reflect engravement of championship plaque, see photo below).

Greg outlines the tournament rules (“If you throw a ball in the stream, you must retrieve it, and a penalty will be assessed”)
Peter and Katie negotiate vegetable-meat territorial rights on the grill
Andrew (of Team Formerly Known as Misery Bay) aims for the pellino
Sugar Daddies on the road to victory
Sugar Daddies (center) after their victory over Team Enthusiasm
Final Tournament Bracket
Championship Plaque